Our Renewable Service

Our deep-rooted expertise in sustainable energy consulting is pivotal in helping homeowners and companies transition to low-carbon solutions and adopt renewable energy sources effectively.

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Our team of experts are here to serve as your renewable energy advisor, assisting you every step of the way throughout your project. We're committed to supporting your business or home in becoming more sustainable, from the initial stages to the final implementation.

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Our skilled team of renewable energy engineers specialise in overseeing various aspects of your project, including planning, grid applications, compliance with building regulations, and conducting site surveys.

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Our technical team is adept at crafting custom-made systems tailored to deliver exceptional performance and savings in your home, business or farm. Using only the worlds most advanced equipment.

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Carbon Legacy is recognized as one of the top solar PV installers in the Midlands, renowned for developing and implementing advanced system designs.

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Our service includes active expert monitoring and benchmarking analytics for our solar energy and battery solutions. This approach guarantees that your system consistently aligns with your environmental and financial objectives.

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We take great pride in delivering top-tier aftercare to all our clients, ensuring that your system operates safely and at its best, offering you complete peace of mind.