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David Hill, boasting over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, has played a pivotal role in the development of over 5000 homes. His recent projects include 1100 low-energy units achieving 40-100% carbon reductions compared to 2002 Building Regulation standards. In 2009, he founded Carbon Legacy to push the envelope in zero-carbon housing solutions, marking significant milestones with the development of the first zero-carbon Code 6 homes in Upton, Northamptonshire, and leading the first zero-carbon refurbishments in East Leake, Nottinghamshire.

His efforts also extended to introducing the UK’s first commercial buildings equipped with ground-sourced heat pumps at Raleigh Square, Nottingham. Under his guidance, Carbon Legacy has flourished, focusing on carbon emission reduction and operational cost savings. The company has made significant strides in sustainability, including electrifying its vehicle fleet and expanding its office space in 2022/23 to accommodate a growing team and workload.


Shirley Mills plays a crucial role in our business success, serving as a warm and approachable point of contact for both customers and staff. She is instrumental in efficiently overseeing and directing a wide range of business processes, ensuring the smooth delivery of our services.

Assistant Business Managers

To support Shirley, we’ve hired two local Assistant Business Managers, Imogen Lepora and Claire Smith, to handle the diverse tasks of running a small business.

Technical Manager

Responding to our growing customer base and complex jobs, Mark Guise was appointed Technical Manager in 2023. Formerly an in-house electrician, Mark has excelled in both technical and management roles, recently achieving top results in his advanced Electrical Design course.

Installation Teams

  • Our professional teams, including in-house electricians Conner Kearsly-Cree, Paddy Hassett, and apprentices Harvey Corah, Harry Harrold-Vaux, and Oli Smith, have been well-received by customers.
  • Josh Wathey, promoted from Heat Pump apprentice to engineer, now handles design, installation, and sales of Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, also specialising in Whole House ventilation.
  • Gavin Hyde and Josh work together on Heat Pump installations and services.
  • Chris Patrick is at the helm of our roofing teams, bringing expertise in diverse installation techniques. As Project Manager, he recently joined us and is now gearing up to lead the team on their ambitious project of installing their first 1MW Solar PV roof installation.

Sales Team

Our Sales Team has expanded with in-house Green Energy advisors Deborah Higgins and Sam Gilbert, and self-employed advisors Mike Barnes and Pat Maxwell, (who, despite talks of retirement), remains an active member.

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