Big, small and everything in-between

More and more companies. businesses, schools, Village halls and farmers are realising the financial benefits just keep getting better especially as world solar PV prices continue to come down.

Then there is the impact on your Carbon Footprint and environmental credentials which has become important to all companies wanting to compete in our environmentally conscious marketplace.

In the right situation we have repeat customers achieving 2 year paybacks and ROI’s over 50%. Ask us for a free site assessment.

Key questions to ask when considering if solar PV is right for you are:
  • Do you own or have a long lease on your buildings?
  • Is the cost of electricity an important cost to your business?
  • Have you got suitable roofs? You don’t have to face South on a low pitch roof to get a good return. Ask us for free advice.
  • Will your roof need replacing in the next 20-30 years?
  • No planning permission is needed for roof mounted installations.
  • Ground mounted panels, subject to planning permission, also make sense for high consumption sites.


Business Growth with Solar Solutions
  • Benefits: Reduced operational costs through lower electricity bills, enhanced brand image as a green company, potential for greater energy independence, eligibility for government incentives, high ROI of 50%+ and very short pay backs as low as 2-3 years.
  • Who for: Any business with significant daytime energy usage can offset a substantial portion of their energy costs. Solar PV and sometimes batteries, can power factories, schools, farms and office buildings, contributing to a more predictable financial forecast.


A Future with Solar: Powering Education Sustainably
  • Benefits: Educational institutions can significantly reduce energy costs, freeing up budget for educational resources or improvements. Solar installations offer a practical learning tool for students about renewable energy and sustainability. Plus, schools can demonstrate environmental leadership in the community. Many schools obtain grants to cover the capital costs.
  • Uses: Solar PV can power classrooms, administrative offices, and outdoor lighting. Excess energy can be sold back to the grid during holidays through your power company), generating additional revenue for school programs or infrastructure projects.


Harvesting the Sun
  • Benefits: Farms can stabilize energy costs, crucial for all types of operations. Solar energy can power remote agricultural equipment, reducing the reliance on diesel generators and provide long term energy security with excellent ROI’s. With battery backup some temporary cover for power cuts can often save the day.
  • Uses: Solar PV supports greenhouses, dairy operations, irrigation systems, crop drying and livestock facilities. It can also power farm machinery charging stations and provide energy for cold storage facilities to keep produce fresh.

Village Halls and Churches

Community Powered Solar Solutions
  • Benefits: Community buildings can cut energy costs while becoming hubs for sustainability within the community. Solar installations can support the building’s electrical needs for events, heating, and lighting, reducing operational costs and providing long term certainty on running costs.
  • Uses: Solar energy can be used for daily operations, community events, and emergency shelters during power outages. Excess electricity generated can be shared with the community or sold back to the grid, creating a new revenue stream for maintenance or community projects.

Sports Clubs

Solar-Powered Sports Facilities
  • Benefits: Sports clubs can significantly reduce lighting and heating costs, particularly for indoor arenas and swimming pools. Solar installations enhance the club’s reputation as environmentally responsible and can provide energy reliability for evening and weekend events. See our Desford Sports Club Case History.
  • Uses: Solar PV can power clubhouse operations, field lighting, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities. It also offers the potential for electric vehicle charging stations for members and visitors, adding to the club’s amenities.

Housing Estate Districts

Sustainable Living
  • Benefits: Housing estates can enjoy reduced communal energy costs, increased property values, and a smaller carbon footprint. Solar energy can power street lighting, communal areas, and contribute to the overall energy needs of the estate, offering a greener living environment.
  • Use Cases: Solar installations can be integrated into housing designs or added to existing structures, powering communal facilities like gyms, pools, and security systems. They can also provide backup power solutions for critical areas during outages.

What some of our clients say

Very professional crew, good value, top quality install that looks like it will exceed its predicted savings.

Stephen from Charterhouse with a 200kw PV installation

Very professional team from start to finish and it’s proving to be a very profitable investment

Tim, a country Estate owner

Best thing we ever did talking to Carbon Legacy at the design stage. Demystified all the jargon with simple advice that has truly delivered.

Chris, a local self-builder
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