• Previous annual electricity consumption 34,596kwh
  • 46kwp PV system and 6 x Tesla Powerwall batteries installed
  • Annual Solar generation 41,365kwh
  • Solar electricity stored and later used 16,348kwh
  • Exported solar electricity 16,702kwh
  • Imported Grid electricity in 2019– 12,186kwh
  • Result – 65% reduction in their annual electricity bill
The Story

In 2019, Sport in Desford, a vibrant sports club known for its community spirit and diverse range of sporting activities, decided to tackle an opponent of a different kind: high energy costs and environmental impact. With an annual electricity consumption of 34,596 kWh, the club sought a solution that would not only reduce its carbon footprint but also make a significant dent in its energy expenses.

The game plan involved the installation of a 46 kWp photovoltaic (PV) system accompanied by 6 Tesla Powerwall batteries. This strategic move was designed to maximize the club’s ability to generate, store, and utilize solar energy, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainability in its operations.

The results were impressive. The PV system, with its robust solar generation capacity of 41,365 kWh annually, allowed Sport in Desford to become a beacon of renewable energy use in the community. The club managed to store and later use 16,348 kWh of solar electricity, significantly offsetting its reliance on grid electricity. Additionally, the ability to export 16,702 kWh of excess solar electricity showcased the club’s role as an energy contributor, further enhancing its commitment to environmental stewardship.

The financial scoreboard displayed an equally remarkable outcome. By the end of 2019, Sport in Desford celebrated a 65% reduction in its annual electricity bill, a victory that underscored the effectiveness of their renewable energy strategy. This substantial saving not only improved the club’s financial health but also demonstrated the viability and benefits of integrating sustainable practices into sports facilities.

This case study exemplifies how Sport in Desford not only champions athletic excellence but also leads by example in the pursuit of sustainability. By embracing solar energy and storage solutions, the club has set a precedent for environmental responsibility, proving that sports and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand.