• Annual electricity consumption 55,900kw
  • We installed a 50kwp PV system and 6 x Tesla Powerwall batteries
  • Solar generation 48,700kwh
  • Solar electricity stored and later released to the home 21,200kwh
  • Exported solar electricity 12,600kwh
  • Imported Grid electricity – 22,400kwh
  • Result – 72% reduction in their annual electricity bill from £16,490 to £4,718
The Story

Nestled in the lush countryside near Loughborough, a stately 7-bedroom country house complete with an indoor pool and two electric cars represented a unique challenge and opportunity for Carbon Legacy. The property’s grandeur and modern amenities led to an annual electricity consumption of 55,900 kWh, highlighting the urgent need for a robust, sustainable energy solution to meet its extensive demands.

In response to this challenge, Carbon Legacy designed and implemented a bespoke energy system that would set a new standard for sustainable living in luxury homes. The installation of a substantial 50 kWp photovoltaic (PV) system, supported by 6 Tesla Powerwall batteries, was strategically planned to harness the power of the sun efficiently, ensuring that the home could generate and store a significant portion of its energy requirements.

The results of this ambitious project were nothing short of remarkable. The solar setup produced 48,700 kWh of electricity, nearly matching the home’s high energy demands. With the Tesla Powerwall batteries in operation, 21,200 kWh of solar electricity was stored and subsequently released to power the home, effectively reducing reliance on the national grid. Furthermore, the system contributed to environmental sustainability by exporting 12,600 kWh of surplus solar energy back to the grid, further offsetting the home’s carbon footprint.

The financial implications for the client were equally impressive. The transition to solar power resulted in a dramatic 72% reduction in annual electricity bills, dropping from £16,490 to just £4,718. This substantial saving, combined with the significant environmental benefits of reduced carbon emissions, underscored the project’s success in balancing luxury living with environmental stewardship.

This case study exemplifies the potential of innovative energy solutions to transform even the most energy-intensive homes into models of sustainability. Through careful planning, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to environmental excellence, Carbon Legacy helped the client achieve a luxurious, yet sustainable lifestyle, proving that comfort and conservation can go hand in hand.