25kw Solar PV on roof installation by Carbon Legacy


Built in 2018 this all electric super insulated house was built to our specification which included:

  • All energy annual electricity consumption 9,542kwh in 2019
  • F1145 8kw Ground sourced heat pump fed from two x 50m Slinky heat collectors in the back garden
  • Monsoon whole house ventilation with heat recovery
  • We installed a 11.6kwp PV system and Tesla Powerwall battery
  • Solar generation 11,457kwh in 2019
  • Solar electricity stored and later released to the home 3087kwh
  • Exported solar electricity 5,074kwh
  • Imported Grid electricity – 3,593kwh
  • Result – 90% reduction in their annual electricity bill from £2,815 to £299
The Story

In the quest for a super low-energy living space, a self-builder in East Leake embarked on an ambitious project in 2018 to construct a house that epitomized energy efficiency and minimal annual power expenses. With a vision for a home that blended modern aesthetics with unparalleled energy performance, the project was designed to Carbon Legacy’s rigorous new build specifications. This included the incorporation of super insulation, air-tight construction techniques, optimal thermal mass, a ground-source heat pump, a whole-house ventilation system with heat recovery, and an impressive 11.6kWp of in-roof PV solar panels complemented by a Tesla Powerwall battery for energy storage.

The outcome of these integrated energy-saving measures was nothing short of remarkable. The house, designed to meet the needs of today while anticipating the energy demands of the future, achieved an annual all-energy bill of just £299. This figure stands as a testament to the project’s success in achieving its goal of a super low-energy house, dramatically reducing energy costs while maintaining a comfortable, sustainable living environment.

The combination of advanced building techniques and renewable energy systems not only reduced the household’s carbon footprint but also set a new standard for residential energy efficiency. The proactive approach to harnessing solar power, alongside smart energy storage solutions, ensured that the house remained powered through all seasons, with minimal reliance on external energy sources.

This case study exemplifies the power of forward-thinking design and technology in creating homes that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally responsible. Through meticulous planning and a commitment to sustainability, the self-builder’s vision for a low-energy home in East Leake was successfully brought to life, showcasing the potential for modern construction to achieve remarkable energy savings and operational efficiency.