On Roof Solar PV, Nottingham by Carbon Legacy


  • Annual electricity consumption 3,370kwh
  • We installed a 4kwp PV system and Tesla Powerwall battery
  • Solar generation 4,004kwh
  • Solar electricity stored and later released to the home 1504kwh
  • Exported solar electricity 1,150kwh
  • Imported Grid electricity – 793kwh
  • Result – 94% reduction in their annual electricity bill from £994 to £61.50
The Result

When the client, residing in a cozy 3-bedroom semi-detached home in the vibrant heart of Birmingham, reached out to Carbon Legacy, their primary goal was clear: cut down their escalating electricity bills and enhance their home’s energy efficiency. With an annual electricity consumption of 3,370 kWh, the client was feeling the pinch of rising energy costs, prompting them to seek a sustainable and financially viable solution.

Understanding the client’s concerns and aspirations, Carbon Legacy proposed a tailored energy system designed to maximize savings and minimize environmental impact. The solution comprised the installation of a state-of-the-art 4kWp photovoltaic (PV) system, complemented by the integration of a Tesla Powerwall battery. This combination was not only aimed at harnessing solar energy but also at optimizing its usage and storage, ensuring the client could enjoy a greener, more cost-effective power supply.

The results were nothing short of transformative. In the first year following the installation, the PV system produced an impressive 4,004 kWh of solar energy, exceeding the household’s annual consumption. With the Tesla Powerwall battery in place, 1,504 kWh of solar electricity was efficiently stored and later released to power the home, significantly reducing the need to draw from the grid. Moreover, the system’s ability to export 1,150 kWh of surplus solar electricity back to the grid not only contributed to the wider energy network but also generated additional income for the client.

Perhaps the most striking outcome was the dramatic reduction in the household’s electricity bills. From an annual expenditure of £994, the client saw their costs plummet to a mere £61.50, marking a 94% decrease in their energy bills. This remarkable savings, coupled with the system’s environmental benefits, underscored the success of Carbon Legacy’s bespoke solution.

This case history not only highlights the client’s journey to energy independence but also serves as a testament to the power of innovative, sustainable solutions in transforming lives and communities. By leveraging advanced technology and expert design, Carbon Legacy helped the client achieve their financial and environmental goals, setting a precedent for homeowners seeking to embrace a greener future.